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In search of Hyperborea

The location of the mystical land of Hyperborea is a mystery that endures for over 2000 years. In an attempt to rediscover it, we follow the traces of numerous authors, from the ancient writers to some of the modern scholars.

Yuezhi and Asii – pt 3 – From Sogdia to Balkans

In the Part 3 we take a deeper look into the ancient tribes of Balkans and their relationship to nations of Central Asia.

Yuezhi and Asii – pt 2 – Xiongnu, from Bactria to...

Who were the Xiongnu and what were their relationships with Huns and Bulgars? What is the meaning of the word "Balkans" and where does it come from? And what can we conclude about Slavic migrations to Balkans?

Thracians – the dragon people

The ethnonym Thracian is largely unexplained. Here we present some fresh views to its original meaning.
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