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From Prometheus to Christ – the crucifixion stories

Dating of the myth of Prometheus, its symbolism and its influence on the modern age.

The 12 labors of Hercules – a journey through constellations

The twelve labors of Hercules clearly relate to the twelve signs of the zodiac. This is the attempt to identify all of them, and at the same time provide a deeper insight in the origins of this myth.

Secrets of the Mid-Autumn festival

A detailed analysis of the symbolic related to the Asian Mid-Autumn festival. A completely fresh look based on astronomy and comparative mythology.

Jesus on a donkey – Dionysian narratives of Christianity

Haephastus, Duonysus, and Jesus, have all been portrayed on a donkey. This strange symbolism could in fact be astronomical...

Horus, St. George, Jarilo, and the star-lore of the equinoxes

The ancients divided a year in two parts, between two two equinoxes. In Christianity, these days are marked by St. George and St Demetrius. But the roots of this star-lore are far more ancient...

The polar star and the northern sky mythology

The symbol of the Swastika relates to the constellation of Ursa Minor, as a seasonal marker. In this article we explore in depth the related star lore in ancient mythology.
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