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On circular dance of Southeastern Europe – Khoros, Horo, Kolo

A few interesting ideas on the meaning and origin of European circular dances

Perseus myth and its Vedic origins – from Danavas to Danaans

This article proves that origin of the Perseus myth is clearly Vedic. Are Danavas the same as Danaans?

On astronomy behind Titian’s “Bacchus and Ariadne”, the myth’s meaning and...

The myth of Ariadne and Bacchus is probably Neolithic and relates to astronomy.

The book of Odyssey – star lore of the ancient Mediterranean

The key events of Odyssey are clearly related to astronomy. An illustrated guide.

Myths of the ice age – memories of a cataclysm

Some of the ancient myths could be over 12000 years old. They also may preserve a memory of a great cataclysm and an astonishing level of astronomical knowledge.

Orion worship – part 2 – Dyonisian mysteries

Not much is known about the ancient Dionysian mysteries. Could astronomy help us decode some of the main symbolism?
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