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Hryvnia/Grivna – Slavic origins of the first European money

Is there a connection between the earliest European form of money - the bronze rings, and the Slavic medieval currency - Grivna?

Magical swords in myths and legends – from Britain to Vietnam

Most of the ancient cultures had stories of magical swords. Surprisingly, there are many common places in these myths...

Mesolithic amulet or the world’s oldest jew’s harp?

Could an 8,000 years old object represent the world's oldest jew's harp ever discovered?

The weeping goddesses of Neolithic – Slavic “Baba” and Phrygian Niobe

In ancient mythology, there were a few examples of the weeping goddesses that turn into stone. This article explains how they all connect in Neolithic, and what is the true meaning behind their symbolism.

The ancient wisdom, hidden in the zodiac symbols

The simple symbolism of the zodiac signs connects numerous Indo-European myths into one big story. One of these myths is the story of birth, death and rebirth - a common theme of the ancient world.

Mesolithic Lepenski Vir – an ancient global culture

An 8000 years old sculpture, its symbolism and its connections to other ancient cultures of the world.

Yuezhi and Asii – pt 3 – From Sogdia to Balkans

In the Part 3 we take a deeper look into the ancient tribes of Balkans and their relationship to nations of Central Asia.

Yuezhi and Asii – pt 2 – Xiongnu, from Bactria to...

Who were the Xiongnu and what were their relationships with Huns and Bulgars? What is the meaning of the word "Balkans" and where does it come from? And what can we conclude about Slavic migrations to Balkans?

Yuezhi and Asii – pt 1 – Merchants and Buddhist prophets

Who were the real Asians and who is responsible for the spread of Buddhism in the Asian countries? The answers might surprise you. A discussion on Yuezhi, Asii and their migrations.

Thracians – the dragon people

The ethnonym Thracian is largely unexplained. Here we present some fresh views to its original meaning.
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