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Perseus myth and its Vedic origins – from Danavas to Danaans

This article proves that origin of the Perseus myth is clearly Vedic. Are Danavas the same as Danaans?

Myths of the ice age – memories of a cataclysm

Some of the ancient myths could be over 12000 years old. They also may preserve a memory of a great cataclysm and an astonishing level of astronomical knowledge.

Universe according to Pythagoras – Pt. 2 – Secrects of the...

In the previous article, we saw the basic idea that lies behind Tetractys - a figure that represents the core teachings of Pythagoreans. We...

Lord Ganesha – god of Hindus or Turkic Danavas?

Was Ganesha originally a Solar deity of North-East Asia?
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