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The book of Odyssey – star lore of the ancient Mediterranean

The key events of Odyssey are clearly related to astronomy. An illustrated guide.

From Prometheus to Christ – the crucifixion stories

Dating of the myth of Prometheus, its symbolism and its influence on the modern age.

The weeping goddesses of Neolithic – Slavic “Baba” and Phrygian Niobe

In ancient mythology, there were a few examples of the weeping goddesses that turn into stone. This article explains how they all connect in Neolithic, and what is the true meaning behind their symbolism.

The ancient wisdom, hidden in the zodiac symbols

The simple symbolism of the zodiac signs connects numerous Indo-European myths into one big story. One of these myths is the story of birth, death and rebirth - a common theme of the ancient world.

Slavic gods – the pantheon reconstructed

A completely unique perspective on the deities of the Slavic pantheon., their origins and purpose.

Ancient creation myths, through the prism of modern science

A comparative study of Indo-European creation myths, and their similarities to modern scientific theories.

The 12 labors of Hercules – a journey through constellations

The twelve labors of Hercules clearly relate to the twelve signs of the zodiac. This is the attempt to identify all of them, and at the same time provide a deeper insight in the origins of this myth.

Ancient astronomy, from Vedas and Egypt to Christianity

Ancients saw the path of the Sun through zodiac as the path of the soul. This article explores the striking similarities between the Vedic culture and that of Ancient Egypt, as well as their influence on Christianity.

Myths of the ice age – memories of a cataclysm

Some of the ancient myths could be over 12000 years old. They also may preserve a memory of a great cataclysm and an astonishing level of astronomical knowledge.

Secrets of the Mid-Autumn festival

A detailed analysis of the symbolic related to the Asian Mid-Autumn festival. A completely fresh look based on astronomy and comparative mythology.
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