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On astronomy behind Titian’s “Bacchus and Ariadne”, the myth’s meaning and...

The myth of Ariadne and Bacchus is probably Neolithic and relates to astronomy.

Astronomy in early Renaissance – Raphael’s “Resurrection of Christ” and the...

There are numerous hidden symbols in the works of Renaissance. A lot of them are astronomical, like this one.

Secrets of the Mid-Autumn festival

A detailed analysis of the symbolic related to the Asian Mid-Autumn festival. A completely fresh look based on astronomy and comparative mythology.

Orion worship part 5 – Prophet Elijah and the sage Al...

On Orion star-lore, and its influence on Judaism and Christianity

Orion worship – part 3 – Nordic Aryans (Ymir,Yama, Gayomart)

Tracing the Orion star-lore in Norse mythology (and some similarities with the Mayan myths)
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