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In search of Hyperborea

The location of the mystical land of Hyperborea is a mystery that endures for over 2000 years. In an attempt to rediscover it, we follow the traces of numerous authors, from the ancient writers to some of the modern scholars.

Yuezhi and Asii – pt 3 – From Sogdia to Balkans

In the Part 3 we take a deeper look into the ancient tribes of Balkans and their relationship to nations of Central Asia.

Thracians – the dragon people

The ethnonym Thracian is largely unexplained. Here we present some fresh views to its original meaning.

On Minoans, and their Vedic connections

From bull-leaping rituals to Sanskrit names, Minoans share many similarities with the Indus Valley civilization.

Prince Marko and the Scythian winged horse

Marko Kraljevic is the most famous hero of the Balkan medieval epic. The roots of the myth are probably much older than Middle Ages.

In search of the origins of Kalash

The Kalash of the Hindu Kush - descendants of Alexander the Great's soldiers... or the last of Aryans?

On Slavic connections with… Buddha?

Was Buddha the tall, blue-eyed prince of the Shakya clan actually of Scythian origin, and more precisely - Slavic?
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