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Perseus myth and its Vedic origins – from Danavas to Danaans

This article proves that origin of the Perseus myth is clearly Vedic. Are Danavas the same as Danaans?

Ramayana – an astronomical allegory from the Age of Aries, explained

This article proves that Ramayana is an astronomical allegory of the Age of Aries (2150BC-1AD) and as such related to other Indo-European myths of the time, such as the Iliad and the Odyssey.

Universe according to Pythagoras – Pt. 2 – Secrects of the...

In the previous article, we saw the basic idea that lies behind Tetractys - a figure that represents the core teachings of Pythagoreans. We...

Ancient astronomy in the Vedic religion and Yoga

Since the dawn of time, our ancestors knew only seven planets that are visible to the naked eye. The planet Neptun was discovered in...

Who really built Singidunum, modern day Belgrade?

A unique investigation of the earliest history of Belgrade, capital of Serbia.
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